Monday, November 2, 2009


Today is Day of the Dead, lol. Dia de los Muertos in Spanish?

Didn't do ANYTHING for Halloween - Alex decided to be a rebel this weekend and preferred pitching fits to doing anything fun or, well, anything at all except watching cartoons and pitching fits when I told him "enough".

The only time I went out this weekend was yesterday when we spent one hour at the park. Where Alex pitched a hissy because we wouldn't pay for him to go in the Hansel & Gretel (fun)House.
Then we went home and Andrea made pizza for dinner.

And Alex didn't finish his math homework, he prefered pitching a hissy about the way it was to be done instead of just doing it. So now he's at his nonna's house and should be doing it and not watching any cartoons.

Later I'll post a picture of the jack o'lantern that Alex drew and I cut out.

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