Friday, October 30, 2009


Back again.

Alex is all revved up for Halloween - he wants a dress rehearsal this evening to try out the outfit with the makeup. Lol. We're just going to the local library to change books and then maybe take a walk around the neighborhood because there aren't any activities for kids on Halloween here, just for the adults in the clubs.
I'll take plenty of pictures though, if possible. I think I got the kinks worked out of our Nikon, but the pics are still all out of focus lately.

Last night I made tuna fish cassarole, I had to deviate from Mom's recipe and use regular corkscrew maccaroni instead of wide egg noodles because I'm saving the noodles for the stroganoff. It was pretty good, but kind of strange having regular pasta in it. I also took a picture, after already having spooned some out onto plates, so I don't know what the dish looks like to be honest, I'll try posting it tomorrow.

Alex had homework again last night, honestly, I am getting fed up with his new teachers, he's already at school from 7:30 am to almost 6:00 pm, he rarely gets home before 6:30 pm and is dog tired when he does. The teachers had already said that they weren't giving out any homework during the week, but this is already the third time this week!
Alex is doing great with his reading and writing and I'm glad, but I just don't get this "read a list of words 20 times" thing on a weekday.

To change the subject, when Alex was a toddler, he did this noise that we used to describe as "coon-coon" that was cute as all heck. He hasn't done it in years now, but yesterday evening he all of a sudden started doing it and it almost made me scream out "Mah baby!" and fall to my knees. Oh geez, I think I need to have another baby, Alex is already a young boy and doesn't give us much of those moments of toddler-parent cuddling that I miss so much. That's the way things should be, don't get me wrong, but with some things, once is not enough! Even though most likely once will have to be enough, we're getting old for having new babies and if Andrea's work doesn't pick up soon, then time will really run out for us. Anyway....

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