Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March and still no photo

We are all (finally!) pretty well lately, there have been a few "hiccups" with Alex's classmates, apparently we have the "Terrible Four" in class. Last week Alex went to school with a new trolley pull backpack because his old one gave out on the Friday before. The new one lasted less than a day because three of the four brats had fun bending the handle in half by jumping on it like a trampoline. The handle broke off yesterday and cut both me and Alex. Andrea bought a new one yesterday, let's just hope it lasts a bit longer without being vandelised!

Yesterday I made cheesy heart scones for Alex's snack box and also the now-classic (at least in our house) fennel and orange salad. My breath stank of the raw garlic this morning - and probably still does, but the tase of the salad is worth it! I was already pretty stinky from the bbq ribs on Sunday evening, along with the potato gratin (with more garlic). See? I make all these great things and then never think to take pics! It doesn't help that the camera is 1) in a cabinet out of Alex's reach and 2) so out-of-date that it shuts down after every flash picture it takes, and in my house they are ALL flash pics.

It is snowing AGAIN, my goodness it never stops this year, I wish I could get some more decent photos of the snow, but this is itty bitty stuff, it looks more like snodruff than anything. The big stuff is supposed to come tonight and tomorrow

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