Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My son's artistic photos and other stuff from me

I'll admit that I'm pretty damn slow on the uptake, I just figured out how to load more than one pic at a time on this blog, seeing as it only took me over a year, I'd say that it's not too bad compared to some of my other "light bulb moments" that arrive even decades after the fact.
Anyway, here are a series of pretty unrelated photos for your enjoyment today, I hope you all appreciate the hours of hard work and twisted minds that went into them.

Some of Alex's artistic photos (that he shot before I took the camera away from him):
This was my version of a Crabby Patty - maybe I took this one, I don't remember.
Artistic photo of messy bedroom

Another angle of messy bedroom

The creatures that live under the tv in the messy bedroom

Pencil case
Self portrait on oven door

Messy bathroom

Messier bedroom

Fruit basket

Two shots of the Christmas tree that Alex decorated:

My child has a "more is better" sense of style, he put everything we had onto the poor tree.

More food:

Lasagne al forno - Alex's favorite!

PW's evil cinnamon rolls with raisins added to the dough

Tuna pasta cassarole - out of noodles so I used corkscrew maccaroni

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